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Prelude to the opera
Digital event
January 21 2021, 8PM
Playing until January 24th

Filmed at the Monument-National in Montreal in October 2020, this Prélude à l’opéra invites a discovery of excerpts from the score of L’orangeraie, the work that saw its live premiere postponed to October 2021 due to the pandemic.

This digital event was conceived and staged by Pauline Vaillancourt, in co-direction with Manuel A. Codina, and under the musical direction of Lorraine Vaillancourt in a co-production with the Nouvel Ensemble Moderne.

Length: 30 minutes
Music: Zad Moultaka | Text: Larry Tremblay

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Prelude to Orangeraie
the digital happening
PREMIERE: January 21, 2021 8PM (playing until January 24)

Filmed at the National Monument in Montreal last october, this Prelude invites you to discover some brilliant operatic excerpts of Orangeraie‘s score, seen in the context of the current pandemic. Conceived and put on stage by Pauline Vaillancourt and co-directed by Manuel A. Codina. They are also producing the event along with the NEM (Nouvel Ensemble Modern).

Length : 25 minutes
Music : Zad Moultaka | Libretta: Larry Tremblay

Chants Libres will perform the score so beautifully, you won’t notice anything missing !

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