Digital event
Directors: Manuel A. Codina and Pauline Vaillancourt

Directors: Manuel A. Codina and Pauline Vaillancourt 

Staging : Pauline Vaillancourt | Staging assistant : Marianne Thériault 

Music: Zad Moultaka (excerpt from L’orangeraie opera) | Text: Larry Tremblay (libretto excerpt from the opera L’orangeraie)

Stage management and costume:  Marianne Thériault | Make-up: Jacques-Lee Pelletier | Sound: Frédéric Auger | Repeater: Francis Perron


Nicholas Burns, counter-tenor | Geoffroy Salvas, baritone | Stéphanie Lessard, soprano | Jacques Arsenault, tenor |  Nathalie Paulin, soprano | Arthur Tanguay-Labrosse, tenor | Stéphanie Pothier, mezzo-soprano | Dion Mazerolle, baritone | Dominic Veilleux, bass-baritone | Sébastien Ricard, comedian

Nouvel Ensemble Moderne (NEM), Lorraine Vaillancourt, conductor


Co-production with Nouvel Ensemble Moderne


January 2021, web diffusion


Dear public
We are moving forward delicately, balancing precariously, with the sentiment of being overrun by “each to his own”, but we are moving forward. Where are we going? Toward the other, toward tenderness, love, the happiness of being together. We are preluding what will be; we long for the day, the evening, when enthusiastically, all together, we will find each other again.
While awaiting this moment, I thank you for always being there, with us.
– Pauline Vaillancourt

In reaction to the postponement of the opera creation L’orangeraie and in the context of the health crisis that has hit this cultural season 2020-2021, Chants Libres has chosen to produce a digital prelude. It will be webcasted in January 2021.

Conceived and staged by Pauline Vaillancourt, this prelude to the opera explores this hollow space, a mise en abyme by an author who makes us feel the emptiness and impossibility of finding you again in a performance hall, dear public.

Imagine the actor Sébastien Ricard as Mikaël, a key character in L’orangeraie, who is armed with the words of Larry Tremblay and the music of Zad Moultaka. With all the singers of the upcoming creation and the Nouvel Ensemble Moderne, they will attempt to bring life to an unfilled space in a minimalist atmosphere.

A collective exploration of vocal art that leaves room for the imagination… and for hope?