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Memory capsule #1: Ne blâmez jamais les bédouins

This first video capsule in the memory series Si Chants Libres m’était conté brings us back to the foundation of Chants Libres in 1990 and its very first production, Ne blâmez jamais les bédouins (Never blame the Bedouins). Rediscover the... Read More

Free webcast of L’orangeraie

Chants Libres is pleased to offer to you a free webcast of L’orangeraie. Premiered in Montreal in October 2021, this opera on childhood and war was composed by Zad Moultaka on a libretto by Larry Tremblay, and will allow the... Read More

A Tribute to Pauline Vaillancourt

As part of the 26th edition of the Prix Opus, the Conseil québécois de la musique (CQM) is pleased to present the Prix Hommage to Pauline Vaillancourt, lyric and contemporary artist, designer and director, in recognition of her exceptional contribution... Read More

Aujourd’hui Calling you is a finalist for the Prix OPUS!

It is with great pride that we announce the nomination of Aujourd’hui Calling you for the Prix OPUS Concert de l’année |  musique actuelle et électroacoustique! This collective creation, at the confluence of theatre, opera, performance and digital creation, is... Read More