This new episode of Si Chants Libres m’était conté revisits this poetic work, described as “a landmark event in the history of contemporary music”. Composer Gilles Tremblay illustrates his ability to convey the wonder of nature, brilliantly relayed by Pierre Morency’s libretto, Robert Bellefeuille’s staging and all the artists involved. This sonic and visual journey into an imaginary land has captivated critics and audiences alike, and won numerous awards.


Gilles Tremblay, music | Pierre Morency, libretto | Robert Bellefeuille, stage direction | Jean Bard, stage Design | Nicolas Descoteaux, lighting | Marianne Thériault, costumes | Geodezik, visual design and video | Angelo Barsetti, make-up | Lina Cruz, choreography

Jean Maheux, actor, baritone | Marianne Lambert, soprano | Marie-Annick Béliveau, mezzo-soprano | Michèle Motard, mezzo-soprano | Scott Belluz, countertenor | Taras Kulish, bass | Sylvain Paré, tenor | Claudine Ledoux, mezzo-soprano | Stéphanie Pothier, mezzo-soprano | Anne Saint-Denis, soprano | Julien Patenaude, baritone | Philippe Martel, baritone | Julien Grégoire, tambour-parleur | Lina Cruz, dance

Nouvel Ensemble Moderne (NEM) | Lorraine Vaillancourt, conductor


Si Chants Libres m’était conté (If Chants Libres were a story) is an important work of memory and archives which hopes to present seventeen new operas created by the company between 1990 and 2022, under the direction of Pauline Vaillancourt. Each video capsule allows us to go back to the genesis of these creations, a witness to their times. By means of interviews and excerpts from original productions, you can discover the challenges and the anecdotes that marked each of these works!

Original concept: Manuel A. Codina, Pauline Vaillancourt
Production: Groupe Sighter | Pauline Vaillancourt, Co-Director | Bruno Desrosiers, Co-Director, Photo Direction, Editing, Sound Mix | Manuel A. Codina, Archival Restoration | Jacques-Lee Pelletier, Make-up | Sandra Lefebvre, Associate Producer, Sound Recording | Stéphanie Pothier, interviews with Pauline Vaillancourt