What was your modus operandi for the conception of the environment? 

My reflection developed by means of the text and the score, but also through numerous conversations with Pauline. I proposed sketches which corresponded to the project; we exchanged ideas through the process in order to find the pathway between the installation and the performance.

What inspired you to create the costumes and the scenery?

The title was very important: the mythic figure of the Capricorn. This animality translated into forms such as funnels, horns, membranes, orifices.. But also through the material, with the use of polymer and other specific plastics, or even the encrusting of elements, which gave the set the texture of skin. The ears and eardrums symbolized the idea of receptivity.

How did this creation mark you? 

The score (atonal, in quarter tones)- so complex to perform and to memorize, on the threshold of abstraction- was very impressive. These were refreshing sounds compared to conventional language, like an invented language, a little bit like Glaude Gauvreau’s. I found the result very beautiful, with a really powerful organic angle, all of which brought out a certain radicalness.