Interview with Renée Daniel Dubois, librettist from the first Chants Libres production Ne blâmez jamais les bédouins.

Tell us about the libretto of Ne blâmez jamais les bédouins
It’s a very explosive story, with lots of humour and characters with strong views, worthy of the universe of Hergé. I wrote it in reaction to the psychological or bleak trends popular at the time.

Bédouins mot de Joseph Saint-Gelais

Mot du metteur en scène

Do you recall the first time you met Pauline Vaillancourt?
I remember only that we laughed like crazy, but I don’t remember why!

What did you think when you discovered the adaptation for opera?
I was absolutely thrilled! In it we find a beautiful balance with the composition, an audacious tone, and of course, Pauline’s amazing voice.

Any detail that stood out for you?
I was struck by the poster, which is still hanging at my place – very baroque, very colourful, compared to the black and white costume Pauline wore on stage.


A memory of Chants Libres you can share?
I have a very strong memory of the 20th anniversary celebration of the company, where one could see to what extent Pauline was a pioneer.

A message for Pauline for Chants Libres’ 30th anniversary?
Happy Anniversary! Continue for 30 more with the strength we know you have!


René-Daniel Dubois

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