Tell us about the founding of Chants Libres
Myself, Pauline Vaillancourt and Joseph Saint-Gelais wanted to help bring to life current works for opera. Pauline Vaillancourt was the core around which this adventure began.

What was it that convinced you to take part in this big adventure?
I saw Pauline sing the opera La voix humaine in Montreal and it was fantastic! It really made me want to create something with her, all the more so because I find her to be such a great artist!

How did you take part?
I was involved in the texts for the first creations: Il suffit d’un peu d’air (1992)and La princesse blanche (1993). As a writer, I had a certain ease composing texts in general. For example, I proposed Chants Libres as the company name, a name that has a double sense in expressing both a realm of possibilities and evoking liberty and singing.

Do you have a Chants Libres memory to share?
The most moving moment happened during rehearsals for the opera Il suffit d’un peu d’air (1992) for which I wrote the libretto. To see all the musicians, singers and artists gathered together at the Pierre-Péladeau Centre, hearing the first chords, discovering the score… it was a real crowning moment.  

A message for Pauline for Chants Libres’ 30thanniversary?
Pauline, continue being such a wonderful creator!

R Tremblay
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