Support our next creation L’orangeraie (2020)

Treat yourself: get an excerpt from the libretto written and signed by Larry Tremblay

Dear friends of Chants Libres,

Year after year, we build a new space, lay down a new stratum of creation, at first imperceptible, fragile, delicately placed, but that builds strength and conviction over time. A new work is born. Chants Libres is a tool, which we like to believe is free and powerful, made available to composers and creators from all disciplines, to serve new forms of opera. So that this freedom remains, so that this faith in creation remains effective and solid, we need your help more than ever.

Our next major production, L’orangeraie, composed by Zad Moultaka to a libretto by Larry Tremblay, is under development. To help make this event a complete artistic success, we are offering a gift to match your contribution: an excerpt from the L’orangerie libretto printed on parchment paper or in digital version, written and signed by Larry Tremblay.

On behalf of all the artists, a huge thank you for your gesture of encouragement.

Pauline Vaillancourt
Artistic and Staging Director

Excerpt 1 — Le paradis — Five originals numbered 1 to 5 printed on parchment (9 x 11 in.)

Excerpt 2 — La guerre – Five originals numbered 1 to 5 printed on parchment (9 x 11 in.)

Excerpt 3 — La paix — Three originals numbered 1 to 3 printed on parchment (9 x 11 in.)

Board of Directors

  • President — Me Olivier Laurendeau, Avocat, Laurendeau Rasic
  • Vice-President — Caroline Mercier, Directrice des comptes — Telus
  • Secretary/Tresorer — Annik Geoffroy, Yves R. Hamel et Associés inc.
  • Administrator — Marie-Annick Béliveau, Artiste lyrique
  • Administrator — Dominique Blain, Artiste visuelle
  • Administrator — Éric Létourneau, Artiste interdisciplinaire
  • Administrator — Pauline Vaillancourt, Metteure en scène