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Discover two new memory capsules

Two new episodes in the Si Chants Libres m’était conté living memories series, present the creation of the operas Il suffit d’un peu d’air (1992) and La princesse blanche (1994). In collaboration with Renald Tremblay, librettist, Lorraine Vaillancourt, conductor, Bruce... Read More

Interview with Lorraine Vaillancourt:  Il suffit d’un peu d’air

Tell us about Il suffit d’un peu d’air This was the first collaboration between Chants Libres and le Nouvel Ensemble Moderne and it wasn’t the simplest. Claude Ballif’s music, which uses a lot of microtonality, made for a lot of... Read More

Interview with Joseph Saint-Gelais : Il suffit d’un peu d’air

How did you take part in the Chants Libres adventure? Joseph Saint-Gelais : Pauline Vaillancourt, Renald Tremblay and I were friends and all passionate about creation. Pauline and I shared a deep interest in contemporary music. So it was a natural... Read More

Interview with Pauline Vaillancourt: Il suffit d’un peu d’air

What is the genesis of the production Il suffit d’un peu d’air? We wanted our young organization to open with a piece with real scope : 4 performers and a 15-piece orchestra, versus the solo performance we had just presented. Based... Read More