How did you take part in the Chants Libres adventure?
Joseph Saint-Gelais : Pauline Vaillancourt, Renald Tremblay and I were friends and all passionate about creation. Pauline and I shared a deep interest in contemporary music. So it was a natural step for us to create an organization dedicated to the creation of new operas.

What was the genesis of the opera Il suffit d’un peu d’air ?
I proposed staging Renald Tremblay’s text because I found it both very well written and interesting, these characters that are lost in their non-realities. For the music, at the time I was impressed with the composer Claude Ballif and his distinctive quarter-tone writing, in particular from his work Dracula.

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What did you think of the result?
I found the production meticulous, well-structured and relevant. It’s very gratifying to see your dreams come to life, even if the reviewers weren’t all on board.

How did the public react?
It was mixed, with a lot of enthusiasm, but also protests. A little anecdote : after the performance, an older man telephoned Pauline to tell her that he was outraged and to ask why she would put on such an opera!

A little something about Pauline?
Pauline is a brilliant woman who faces challenges with enthusiastic courage. She has all the qualities that make up what I believe to be a great artist : musical talent and virtuosity, as well as being a true performer. A great woman!

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