Chamber Opera
Music: Jean Piché
Libretto: Yan Muckle

Jean Piché, music | Yan Muckle, librettoPauline Vaillancourt, concept and stage Direction | Anita Pantin, scénographie | Axel Morgenthaler, lighting | Anita Pantin, costumes | Jacques-Lee Pelletier, make-up | Anita Pantin, video


Pauline Vaillancourt, soprano


Sept. 9,  1997, Espace Go, Montreal, world premiere
Sept. 10, 11, 12, 13, 16, 17, 18, 19, 20, 2017, Espace Go, Montreal
Dec. 4, 1998, Université McGill, Montreal
April 30, 1999, Premiere Dance Theatre, Toronto


Broadcast on Radio-Canada — September 8, 1997 — Navire Night

I first discovered the universe of Frida Kahlo, not through her impressive paintings (tainted by suffering, she nonetheless led an exceptional life and bequeathed us her paintings) but rather through the intimacy of her diary that she kept during the final years of her life. In her writing we discover her heart, her senses and her soul.

The unusual fate of this woman led me to reflect on the influence of fatality on the trajectory of life, on what happens to the children marked by war, insults, malformations, cruelty… I allowed Frida Kahlo’s world to influence me to a point of transposition.

What you will see this evening is not her life but rather her transformation into a wholly new life. The music of Jean Piché, the colours of Anita Pantin, the adaptation by Yan Muckle will transport you, I hope, into the singular world of a child who has become an adult, subjected to a difficult destiny, that, in keeping with Frida’s image, lives a life with another kind of outlook, that of tenacity and courage.

– Pauline Vaillancourt — Artistic Director, Chants Libres. Original concept, stage director and performer.