Our Si Chants Libres m’était conté series continues its tour of the 17 operas created under the direction of Pauline Vaillancourt. In this latest capsule, Jean Piché’s music, Anita Pantin’s colors and Yan Muckle’s adaptation transport us into the intimate, moving world of Frida Khalo. A creation that would reach new heights of intensity and emotion.



Jean Piché, music
Yan Muckle, libretto (from Frida Kahlo)
Pauline Vaillancourt, concept and stage direction
Anita Pantinstage design, costumes and video
Axel Morgenthaler, lighting
Jacques-Lee Pelletier, make-up

Pauline Vaillancourt, soprano



Si Chants Libres m’était conté (If Chants Libres were a story) is an important work of memory and archives which hopes to present seventeen new operas created by the company between 1990 and 2022, under the direction of Pauline Vaillancourt. Each video capsule allows us to go back to the genesis of these creations, a witness to their times. By means of interviews and excerpts from original productions, you can discover the challenges and the anecdotes that marked each of these works!

Original concept: Manuel A. Codina, Pauline Vaillancourt
Production: Groupe Sighter | Pauline Vaillancourt, Codirector | Bruno Desrosiers, Codirector, director of photography, editor, sound mixing |  Manuel A. Codina, Camera, director of photography, restoration of archives | Yves Dubé, Video of the original production | Jacques-Lee Pelletier, Make-up |  Sandra  Lefebvre, Executive producer, sound recorder