Oper’Actuel 2013 Works In Progress


Marie-Pierre BrassetLa piñata (Nicolas Lemieux, libretto) (2012) (extract)
Kristin NordervalThe Trials of Patricia Isasa (Naomi Wallace, libretto) (2013-16) (extract)
Nickos HarizanosMédéa Sparagmata Opus 135 (Euripides, libretto) (2012) (extract)
Pierre MichaudLe rêve de Grégoire [Gregor’s Dream] (Pierre Michaud, libretto) (2013-14) (extract)


Carol Léger, soprano | Geneviève Coletta, soprano | François-Nicolas Guertin, baritone | Julien Horbatuk, baritone | Annie Jacques, soprano | Marie-Annick Béliveau, mezzo-soprano | François-Olivier Jean, tenor | Dion Mazerolle, baritone | Rebecca Woodmass, coloratura soprano | Andrzej Stec, tenor | Xavier Rigaud, tenor | René-Daniel Dubois, actor

Atelier de musique contemporaine de l’Université de Montréal (ATMC) |  Cristian Germán Gort, conductor

Atelier de musique de chambre de l’Université de Montréal  | Jean-Loup Gagnon, conductor

Les salons de l’ombre jaune



April 19, 20, 2013, Maison de la culture Frontenac, Montreal


Chants Libres, and its Artistic and General Director Pauline Vaillancourt, are proud to announce the fourth edition of Oper’Actuel 2013 Works In Progress. The previous editions (2008, 2004, 1998) gave 17 composers the opportunity to see and hear their works in progress, and gave 25 young singers the chance to gain experience in the development of new opera scores. With this event, our company is able to discover the work of young composers, librettists and singers, while developing their potential, and to give different musical groups an opportunity to get to know each other and exchange ideas. The event also opens the door to a younger audience stimulated by the presence of young performers, and records a DVD of the work for each selected composer.

In this way, we are developing a future audience base, attracted by their curiosity about new forms of opera, and by consequence, the future work of Chants Libres.